Lets Rhondazvous: Generation Beauty | 2014

G E N E R A T I O N  B E A U T Y  D I A R Y

- and we're off -
Saturday May 31st.  We were so excited to head to LA!! Love having these two gals back in Cali with me.

- G B -
The huge curtain backdrop that you see right as you walk into the event tent.  One last moment of calm before seeing the craziness behind it.

- it wouldn't be an i p s y tent without a little p i n k -
Pass the curtain and you're amidst 3000+ beauty-loving women. (and some men too)

- before i really start to sweat -
You can kind of see a teeny bead of sweat on my forehead. I had been inside for approx. 3 minutes. Yeah.

- bank of benefit // where can i sign up -
Benefit's booth was right at the front & they didn't skimp out on sick branding.

- b e n e f i t  introducing their newest liner which is amaazzingg -
Okay so I didn't really do that great of a job capturing the product, but i'll do a review soon ;)

Markkit sisters

- finally getting to meet my love, Lexi -
She is so sweet and just as beautiful in person! So happy I got to see her.

- and I got to see this lady again, it's been too long! -
Christine from TwilightChic123 is always a sight for sore eyes. Beyond friendly!

- how cute are these Ipsy // Generation Beauty pillows?? -
They had these custom pillows in every seating area. I just couldn't help but think what a great idea that was.

- blondies // waiting to watch Belinda speak on her first fashion panel! -
Snapping these two together made me happy.

- so proud of this babe -
Loved listening to Belinda talk about her signature style and pretty proud of myself for holding up a camera for 20 minutes.

- leaving our mark on the GB Graffiti Wall -
I wonder what they do with this wall once the event is over.

- maybe i need one of these ipsy chairs… -
So excited when I saw this Ipsy directors chair.  And I really do need one.

- love -
Having my Julie there for the first time was amazing.

- D A Y  O N E  W R A P P E D -

- D A Y 2 // U R T H C A F F E -
Upon their request ( and who am I to say no to Urth )

- roomies -

- this lighting was a godsend -
I have about 8 more of these pictures on my phone. Obsessed.

- we love Colleen & the p i x i  team!! -
I feel like we've known this girl forever.  Long lost relative for sure >_<

- o m pixi -
The hook ups.

- loved the l u s h setup -
I know I can see this at the local mall… but I can't resist a yummy display.

- my boo bear -

- xoxo -

- Photo Booth recaps -
Photos from the Bare Minerals "Bare Skin" Photo Booth come out like a dream.

I had such an amazing time at Generation Beauty 2014!!  
So thankful to everyone we met, all of the amazing brands and to Ipsy for hosting a great event!

  It's been a week since it happened and I STILL have yet to go through our GB Happy Hour bags.  
I know - I'm slack central. I can't wait to dig in and share some new makeup finds with you all, but until then, please enjoy Belinda's Vlog of our Generation Beauty experience! 
[ it's too cute for words ]



  1. Aw I love all the pictures! It looked like such an awesome event!

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