Fashion: October Lookbook || JustFab Trinity Bootie

Hello, friends!!

I'm back.  And this time...  I came prepared with a lookbook ;)

This month has been beyond crazy, but I've tried to take little snapshots throughout the weeks to document some of my favorite outfits.  I decided to recreate the looks & film a little video!

My room is still super unfurnished... white walls, white bedding, all white everything (I recently moved).  Although I'm quite tempted to leave it that way, it doesn't look so great as a background for outfit filming... it's deceivingly dreary.

Oh well, must make do for now!

Enjoy ♥


I wanted to include a JustFab feature, presenting their "Trinity" bootie (which I wore in the lookbook video):

It's a great wedge ankle bootie - 4.25" slouched in faux leather and suede & pointed at the toe. 

The reason I decided to go with this particular style?  
Well one, I don't have anything like it.  
Two, it reminded me of the Isabel Marant "Amely" booties:

I love the shape. It's slouchy and casual but still gives any plain outfit that edgy kick in the rear.  Instead of having leather paneling on the back of the boot, the JustFab "Trinity" has faux leather detailing on its toe box.  They do need to be worn in a bit to help flatten the tip of the point (mine were slightly curved a bit upwards), but overall it's a really great alternative to the trending designer's shoe!

Thought this outfit would be fun with a shoe like this -- loved the idea of keeping things "foxy" with a sly clutch, specs and an imaginary ponytail.  I didn't forget the thought of some bronzy contour! 



  1. Replies
    1. They're definitely a great boot!! Thanks, Jezz! <3

  2. I really enjoyed your lookbook! This year is just flying by and it just seems like every month has been busy for so many of us lol. I hope you're doing well! I've missed you!! ♥

    1. Aww I've missed youuu! I've missed everyone, that's totally how I feel.. so busy it's been ridiculous!! Thanks so much Traci!! <33

  3. I love love love your lookbook honey ♥ seriously all the looks are perfect!!! I really love the leather skirt! and your jacket in your last outfit too! PERFECT ♥


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