Fashion: JustFab Abbie Bootie

Hi friends!

From now on, I'm going to start making my JustFab posts a little different and create separate posts for each one of my monthly picks! :D :D
Is anyone else as excited as I am??   

I mean, I've basically been head over heels for the brand (and each of my picks) since I've joined their blogger program… why not give each shoe its well-deserved spotlight?

Also, it gives me a chance to really wear the crap out of each style so that I can give my readers the comfort 411.

Otherwise, what's the point?

So here we go… 


Amazing, to say the least.  They're your typical low-cut bootie with that uber chic boyfriend vibe, with your not-so-typical price tag.  You know you've seen these types of booties before (Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, Zara, etc.) -- 
So are these JustFab alternatives worth it?

At $39.95, they're a steal.

The material of the body is made of a faux-suede  and sits on a 2-inch wooden heel.
They're a slip-on shoe, with no zipper or button closures -- however, there are side panelings on the bootie made of a stretchier material to help you out!

I absolutely love the way they're cut and am obsessed with this light grey/taupe color.  It's a gorgeous neutral shade, perfect for everyday and can help give the illusion of longer stems for any girls worried about feeling a tad stumpy.

(Like me... I'm a bit of a stump) 

Now on to how these babies feel.

I've pretty much been wearing them everywhere. Not even exaggerating. Ask anyone I know... I'll give you their contact information myself.

They're extremely comfortable. The toe box is pretty standard and would be fine for ladies with wider feet too. Also, the rubber sole is amazingly flexible and after a few wears, you can really start to feel the shoe break in. 

My only note:
Be careful walking heel-toe!  The sole is rubber but try not to step down directly on the edge of the heel first to avoid slippery mishaps ;)

Here I am out getting ramen (Izakaya Masa in San Diego - deeellliisshh omg. Go. NOW.) with my sister:
This is when I discovered it's possible to slip on dumb, but pretty.. shiny red brick.

And here's a little collage of me at work this past weekend for Beach Bunny & Love Haus.
10-11 hour days in these babies?

No problem.

 ( Soy the Love Haus frenchie adores them):
& yes... I'm wearing the exact same thing.. both days.
I'm a major outfit repeater.

I also want to start putting together styling boards like these, featuring my picks!

These boots look great with a pair of shorts & a loose tank, but you can definitely rock them in the fall with a long maxi or some skinny pants like these bottoms from Topshop!
I added a forest green flannel from H&M to the look with a berry lip color  from NARS to really give it that autumn touch, and a chunky chain necklace from All Saints for a little trendy/90s flair.

What do you guys think of the Abbie bootie??

Check it out HERE: JustFab Abbie

Also, here's a cute shot of my sister and I at the JustFab flagship opening!! 

I got her the "Monroe" heels... they will look amazing on anyone!



  1. Oh, I'm loving these booties, Rhonda! They're so cute and for 39.95 - definitely a steal! Love all your looks, as always! <3

  2. Very cute!! <3



  3. These booties are adorable and looks super comfy! Perfect for daily life ♥


  4. I need thise kinda booties in my life..can´t always do heels...those look super cute!


  5. The Abbie booties are super cute!! Ah it's so awesome you got to go to their opening!! <3

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  8. I love those boots, especially in grey!

    Elise @ A Bow On Top


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