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  1. Oh my gosh they're amazingggggg, I want them all now!
    Great post, I love platforms and thanks to you, I've discovered shoedazzel!
    Always a fan,

  2. They are SO adorable! I really love the black one, because I own so many black shoes, I don't know why almot all my shoes are black! But the nude version is also super cool! I need nude heels seriously!
    I never had big big platforms like these ... I wear stilettos heels most of the time. I think I'm one of the only girl on earth who think they're easier to walk than wedges and platforms... but that's true I really feel more confortable on stilettos... weird me ><
    And I should stop talking now ... you shouldn't making me talk about shoes Rhonda, I can speak about that during houuurs ! xD

    And I'll check your Socialbliss board too see what your new spots are!

    Hope you had an great day love!

  3. Ooh super cute! I'm loving the coral one! Ahh! I wish I could pull these types of shoes off...when I try them on, I feel awkward lol!


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