Inspiration: Blushing Neutrals

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  1. Rhonda! I love when you post these inspirational photos. First, I was like oooo pretty room... then the toast! OMG that kitty (so cute!).. then the Celine shades (love!) and that optimist cup, where can I find one of those? Must have! Finally... floating in the air with a million balloons, how fun!

    Have a lovely day!


    1. Victoria!! Aww I love you! I'm so happy you liked the images -- I could spend hours just looking at pictures all day. They can really make you feel so inspired or just happy... lol but anyway, here is the link to the "Optimist" cup: http://www.pigeontoeceramics.com/shop/optimist-tumbler/

      I think it would make a cute addition to your kitchen ;D

      I hope your week is going well love! xo

  2. OMG! Thank you so much for the link! That will definitely make a great addition to my kitchen! Love it thank you! xoxo

  3. I loved the toasts and the optimistic cup! :D I'm inspired!


  4. So much inspiration! This makes me really excited for Spring!! Eee the little kitty is too darn cute!


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